UITabController in iOS

Mr.Javed Multani
2 min readOct 3, 2020

Create an instance

A ‘tab bar’ is commonly found in most iOS apps and is used to present distinct views in each tab.

To create a tab bar controller using the interface builder, drag a tab bar Controller from the Object Library into the canvas.

By default a tab bar controller comes with two views. To add additional views, control drag from the tab bar controller to the new view and select ‘view controllers’ in the segue-drop down.

Navigation Controller with TabBar

Navigation controller can be embed in each tabs using storyboard it self. It can be like in the screenshot added. To add a Navigation Controller to a View Controller connecting from Tab Bar Controller, here are the flow

Select the view controller for which we need to add navigation controller. Here let it be the Search View Controller as the selection display.
From the Editor menu of the Xcode, select Embed In -> Navigation Controller option

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