For my case I was getting error like below:

When I have updated my Xcode with latest version, my running project was getting error.

Executable path is a directory

later I saw in Xcode below error:

This is how I resolved this:

By using terminal I have added arc directory and change its permission

  1. Open the Terminal app in your Mac.
  2. Enter command:
sudo mkdir arc

3. It will ask for permission if you haven’t set permission previously for access in App Management.

4.Enter command in terminal:

cd  arc

5. Enter command in terminal:

sudo git clone .

Once this command fired now this time to change permission

sudo chmod +x *

Almost done.

Simply search in Xcode for following:

source="$(readlink "${source}")"

and just replace it by following:

source="$(readlink -f "${source}")"

its look like:

DONE. You are able to generate build and also can able to run in simulator.



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