Apple WWDC 2023 Key Highlights

Mr.Javed Multani
7 min readJun 7

Apple just made huge developments in the AR industry, upgrades to the M2 chips and many more advancements in machine learning

Move over the mind-blowing inventions of the past, because Apple just raised the bar at the WWDC 2023, leaving attendees in awe and sceptics scratching their heads. This year’s event was a playground of cutting-edge technology, where machine learning, transformer models, and virtual reality collided to create a spectacle that had jaws dropping faster than a neural network can crunch numbers. Apple’s daring foray into the realm of the extraordinary has left us all wondering, “Are we still in reality, or did we just slip into a parallel universe of mind-bending possibilities?”

Apple Vision Pro

“Mac introduced us to personal computing and iPhone introduced us to mobile computing, Apple vision Pro will introduce us to spatial computing,” said Tim Cooke.

Meet Apple Vision Pro, a groundbreaking computer that seamlessly merges the real and digital worlds through augmented reality. With Vision Pro, you can interact with digital content as if it exists in your physical space, using your eyes, hands, and voice as natural and intuitive tools. It revolutionises the way you perceive your surroundings, transforming them into an infinite canvas where apps can be used anywhere and resized at will.

Capture precious moments in a whole new way with photos and videos. Immerse yourself in movies, shows, sports, and games on a large virtual screen with immersive audio. Connect with others as if you’re sharing the same physical space. Vision Pro brings digital content to life around us, marking the dawn of spatial computing — a new era in personal technology.

M2 Ultra

Apple is expanding its M2 chip family by introducing the M2 Ultra chip, which pushes Mac performance to new heights. This powerhouse chip incorporates the groundbreaking Ultra fusion architecture and joins forces with the M2 Max die to deliver unparalleled performance. The M2 Ultra chip boasts a 24-core CPU, doubling the performance of the M2 Max. In terms of graphics…

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